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The program that changes your life forever

Change is not a one time thing and everything is a different event. Change is a process. And this process has a natural progression. When you follow the steps and commit to take massive action it is most likely that you will achieve unbelievable goals. You will not only change as a man but also as a father, husband, partner and friend. People will see and treat you differently. You will make new friends and at the same time let go of existing ones who do not support your true self.


Fundamental change needs a plan and execution. You need someone who has been where you are now. Who experienced what it feels like to leave behind all of the limiting beliefs, habits and obstacles. Trust me, I learned everything the hard way. I learned through trial and error, making a lot of mistakes just to try again,differently and in a new way.  

In this coaching program I have put together everything I have learned and experienced during my years of transformation. This three month package is a fast track towards changing your life. It is simple, but also challenging. It assumes that you are committed and want to work hard. It presupposes that you are willing to make hard decisions. If that is okay with you and sounds like something you want, I will guide you through this process and help you to implement this new way of thinking, feeling and being.


This coaching package consists of three different stages:

 1. Working

 2. Learning

 3. Living


Most people want to start with stage number three right away, not knowing that without the resources and the respective knowledge you can’t survive in an independent and remote lifestyle for very long. The moment you realise that you are running short on money it is already too late. Trust me, I’ve been there.


In month number one, we take a closer look at your life and what you can offer to the world. How you can make money to finance your new life. In month two, we assess what you will have to learn and what knowledge you will need to support your kids. And in the last month we take a look at your new life. How can you design your future without falling into the trap of losing everything after just a short time?

  • For you to take the first step towards change

    110 euros
  • The 12 session program that changes your life forever

    1,300 euros
  • Our get-together to see, if we are a good fit.

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