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My Journey

Do you feel stuck in your current life? Do you feel overwhelmed by your daily chores? Do you feel like, is this my life? Is this it? Do you feel negatively about the quality of your relationship with your partner? Or even with your kids?

Reisender im Zug

These questions are tough ones to answer and a few years ago, I was in exactly this situation. I pursued a career I did not choose, multiple jobs I did not like right from the start, working 50-60 hours a week. Building a house and studying my MBA from home all at the same time along with my jobs brought me to three burn-outs.

I saw my kids suffer in school, seeing their creativity kicked and their confidence violated. My wife was in the same position. Her job bored the sh#*+ out of her and seeing her true potential I felt bad every single day.

One day in 2014 we sat together, took a look at our life and decided that we can't move on like that. Something had to change. We made the decision that my wife will be the  first to make this change and start a complete new career in eLearning. I stayed in my jobs to pay the bills and feed the family. In 2017 we reached a point where we had gained enough confidence and knowledge to make a radical decision: selling everything and becoming a Digital Nomad family. The final step was for my daughters to start  homeschooling, which then enabled us to go  travelling and become geographically independent

 I was once again, the one who managed the family, supported my girls in their new challenge of educating themselves and took  over daily chores to keep my wife's back free so that she could build  her business.

It took us eight years of hard work and dedication to create the life we have today. We made a lot of mistakes: lost all of our money on our first attempt to leave Germany, had to go back to working in jobs, just to try it again in 2020 for our  final step to a life of freedom and independence.

We are now in the position to live wherever we want, my daughters learn what suits and interests them the most and I now have the space  to share my knowledge and  experiences with guys like you. 


I am not here to give you a one-fits-all solution. Everyone is different. Each situation is different. What I can do for you is to help you to assess your situation, create an action plan for your change and guide you on your way to your very personal vision, achieving your special goals.

I created a three step process and I want to show you, how that works and how this could help you.

If you like to know more about my career path, feel free to take a look at my LinkedIn profile

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