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We don't know what we don't know! The first step towards true transformation is raising awareness and highlighting what is hidden in the dark. 


Once we have discovered what is holding you back, challenging you or making you struggle, we can start to modify and adapt your beliefs and values.



Finally, we put into practice what we have developed so far. You go out and live how it feels to change. Let's manifest and strengthen your new self.

To find yourself, think for yourself - Socrates

Craft your limitless authentic future

My Journey

Do you feel stuck in your current life? Do you feel overwhelmed by your daily chores? Do you feel like, is this my life? Is this it? Do you feel negatively about the quality of your relationship with your partner? Or even with your kids?


Napanee, Ontario, Canada

Matt has a warm, kind energy that made me feel safe and supported right from the start. He helped me to work through a pattern and limiting belief that has been holding me back for years, despite trying to move through it on my own, and for this I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend his powerful and individually tailored coaching to anyone who is feeling stuck or unsure of how to move forward in life. 


Ventura, California, United States

Matt actively listens and asks thoughtful, non judgmental questions that invite reflection and growth; he has a talent for suggesting creative, accessible, personalised ideas/exercises to try between sessions. Matt is patient yet, because of his poignant guidance, manages to cover a lot of ground in each session. Highly recommend this professional and inspiring coach!

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Cahir, Ireland

I had the chance to be coached by Matt for a series of sessions. Matt is a very attentive coach and I felt I could trust him fully. He is very good in reflecting back my thoughts and asks the "right" soul and mind searching questions. I gained a lot of clarity and that helped me immensely in going forward with my goals and life vision.  I can highly recommend Matt. He is very skilled and I cannot thank him enough.

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Bere Regis, United Kingdom

Matt has helped me in ways that I would never have expected. Through his excellent coaching and methods, he has helped me gain more self-worth and helped me understand what my true core is. I now look at life with a new perspective and move forward with a clearer purpose and direction. If you’re deciding whether to choose Matt as your coach or not, just do it, you won’t be disappointed!


Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Matt's desire to help others, through his participatory skill in steering us away from habits that hold us back and replacing them with beneficial ones, has proved to be unwavering and dependable and fruitful and pleasant.  Thank you Matt for your steadfast consistency from session to session, and the headway made each time with appropriate ease.  It's been astonishing and heartening.

What my clients say

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My Courses

My goal is to help you on your journey called life. It is my mission to expand your self-awareness and to force you to take instant action, to get the ball rolling. I created this free course as a gift, because I am convinced that we all should have a GROWTH MINDSET. I don't ask for any of your contact details, I want to give you one very effective process to look at the way you are thinking and acting. Have fun, be open and in case you want to share insights or any other feedback, go to my Instagram or Facebook account or send me an email and we can have a chat.

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